2011 May/June (Hard copy)

$ 6.99

This is our first ever issue and is a perfect introduction to the Paleo lifestyle.

Most people don't question the nutritional advice that's floating around out there because they don't know they need to. It's the goal of this magazine to bend the learing curve and let people know what this lifestyle is about, why it's important, how it can help them, but most importantly, why they need to start asking questions about their food.

The reality is, there's no need for the diet books, the "gurus" and the pills. You want a miracle substance that will help you lean out, feel strong or give you energy? Go visit your local farmers' market and you'll find tons of fresh veggies and meats that will be healthier for you than any pill. How's this for a complicated weight loss plan - Eat. Real. Food. Forget about the endless treadmill runs. Get outside and run, jump, play and move. You'll get the benefits of being outside, move like your body was meant to move and most of all, you'll have fun.

We here at Paleo are excited to be starting this new adventure and are thrilled you're all along for the ride!

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