Depression (Paleo Magazine Ebook Series)

Depression (Paleo Magazine Ebook Series)

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"If we can't shake our sad mood, or calm down, or sit still, our brain chemistry must be responsible. We don't ask what changed our brain chemistry; we assume it's immutable except by adding more chemicals."

–Richard O'Connor, Ph.D.

According to one source, depression is ten times as prevalent in our modern world as it was just a generation ago. We can largely blame modern food and modern living for the staggering increases in depression we're seeing in the western world.

Depression is indeed a modern epidemic. But the more we can talk about it, open our minds to new views on it, and confront it, the more chance we have of decreasing its incidence—and improving the lives of a lot of people in the process.

This 66-page ebook explores depression, its causes, and the lifestyle changes that can lead to a happier, healthier mental state.

Ebook Details
  • 66 pages
  • PDF, epub, and Kindle formats
  • 6 in-depth chapters
    • Chapter 1 - Depression: A Broken Brain or the Inevitable Result of a Modern Lifestyle?
    • Chapter 2 - Taking Proactive Control of Your State of Mind
    • Chapter 3 - Getting Help, Getting Going, and Letting Go
    • Chapter 4 - Taking Active Control of Your State of Mind
    • Chapter 5 - Your Life Environment as an Ecosystem
    • Chapter 6 - Focus on the Fundamentals