2012 August/September Issue (Hard Copy)

$ 6.99
This issue of Paleo Magazine is all about movement, nutrition, motivation, beautiful places and amazing food! Adam Farrah gives his take on the importance of movement in our modern age and Liz Bragdon reminds us how movement helps your kids grow up smarter, happier and healthier. Mike Peterson stresses the need to source ethically raised, sustainable food for you and your family and Lisa Herndon tackles the "food of the gods", chocolate, in her Fermentation 101 column. We introduce you to some amazing members of the Paleo community - Bill Vick, who is doing what he can to raise awareness for IPF and It's A Lifestyle, a company that's shipping delicious Paleo treats all over the country. Tate Zandstra takes us on a trip to Vanuatu and we hear from Cindy Anschutz who's working to get the first Paleo-centered cooking show on TV. As always, this issue is rounded out with stunning recipes, reviews, Q&A with the Paleo RD, our new International section and much more!


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